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Meet BocoWoods

Handcrafted Furniture

Custom crafted interior furniture made in Missoula, MT.  All of my projects start as full logs, and I can tell you exactly where the tree grew.  Reach out for a quote on your custom project, or browse the site to explore the building process.

Succulent Dining Table


Interior Furniture

I custom make interior furniture and kitchenware of all kinds: tables, desks, headboards, cabinets, kitchen islands, butcher blocks, and more!  If it's made of wood, I can probably do it!!

Maple Burl Dining

Refurbishing and Restoration

Furniture is meant to be used, and eventually it needs a good cleaning.  Refurbishing can make a piece look brand new.  This includes re-flattening, sanding, and re-finishing.  Contact us for a quote!

Hand Plane

Woodworking Education

Most of my woodworking knowledge has come from YouTube, and trial and error.  Check out my YouTube channel to learn about the basics of woodworking, and avoid some of the mistakes I've made.  Get out there and give it a shot!!

Router Table Slide
Walnut Black Resin Coffee

Locally Made, Built to Last



To learn more about BocoWoods, visit 'About' section

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